Provence - kind of want to be there right now, chilling...

Provence – kind of want to be there right now, chilling…

Oh. yummm.

 Everything about this is awesome.

The colour of these Forget-Me-Nots!

Lego house – Warsaw, Poland. 

Panda sushi – too cute to eat?

A nursery I wouldn’t mind spending time in…

Any day with this on my wrist will be a good day.

Love her freckles. Love her eyes. Love her face. Oh, Emma!


My favourite nerds

The only way to drink, of an afternoon.

I miss them New Girl kids. Season two, hurry up already.

Pirate house for kids! Why is the girl watering plants? Why isn’t she shouting at landlubbers or shivering her timbers?

I look at this sign & feel an affinity with geeks the world over.

There’s just something lovely & elf-like about her. Also, the hair.

Love the  idea – any artist friends with a birthday coming up?

I love me some coffee shop workers with a sense of humour.. or evil streak?

Still in lust with this tree bookshelf. If we have little tiddlers one day PG, and there’s money to spare, I will have to commission one of these lovelies.

Realised a childhood dream in November 2011, seeing one of my most favourite books come to life on the stage. Twas magical!

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The Virgin Suicides. His voice. That is all. Ladies & Gents, Giovanni Ribisi.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a ship sailing around in my hair too.

Love me some bunting, love me some LOVE. That’s what.



Given the depths of my love for Pinterest (recently described on a poster: ‘it’s like Etsy & Pottery Barn had a baby, and made a scrapbook of their cute little family’) this page shall be dedicated to the one amazing find from each days’ sojourn into the skirly-whirly world of frippery and fancies that Pinterest holds within its tiny (but ever-growing) fist. I present to you, sirs, my daily treasure. 

*Note:  I started this last year, then I woopsy-daisily deleted all the fantastic images I’d found. Ne’er mind, we’re starting anew. 

Today, the teeniest, cutest, Edna ‘E’ Mode in the making-est little tiddler. I want to steal her! Or maybe eat her. Or just squish her and then stare at her some more, and then give her a giant trophy for being so adorable.  


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