It has become apparent that I am fixated on dessert/candy/tea party display tables. How frivolous, you cry! Yep, I know. This curious fixation began 2 years ago, while planning our wedding. I was determined to put one of these together and optimistically began buying up glass jars and cake stands … only to realise there are only so many projects a bride should take on, and then she should just stop. Or she will implode. Instead, we hired a lovely lady who put a candy table together for us and it was so much better than I would have done. There was even a chocolate fountain. Yum.  But meanwhile, as I didn’t get to fulfil my creative desire to put one of these tables together, the urge lingers. Sad, innit? 

It’s definitely become a burgeoning trend in the last couple of years to have a dessert table or candy bar, and I can’t wait for our housewarming tea (only happening almost a year after we moved in!), when I might actually get to present one of my own. Disclaimer: If it’s disastrous, it ain’t going up on here! 



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