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Fat Amy

3 Jun

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Just cos.

17 Feb
Theo James & Shai Woodley

                       The world wants you to be together! Stop this nonsense!

Divergent – irresistible YA fiction for daydreamy 33 year olds.  When I’m not busy with Proust, obvs.

#obsessed #sigh #amIreally33 #yikes

Before Midnight

24 Jan
Hawke & Delpy, being smashing

Hawke & Delpy, looking smashing

WHAT! Have just discovered a third Julie Delpy-Ethan Hawke movie is coming out in September, a sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I truly love these films, I have re-watched them both countless times and have just always wondered whether I would just always wonder about this couple. Plus, if a director ever knew how to make you fall in love with European cities… oh my. And now there’s another installment, which makes me so happy.  So far, it sounds like good reviews from Sundance and the preview photos are bringing back all the pleasure of those two romantically delightful films. Can’t wait! Best news of the day! x

Wednesday Wonders!

30 May

Hmm. Good point.


… to the gorgeous ‘Breath of Life‘  by Florence + The Machine from the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack.  Excited for the movie. 

Florence + The Machine; a still from ‘Breath of Life’ recording


Salted Caramel anything – shortbread/cupcakes/frosting/chocolate covered shortbread cupcakes with frosting. I have at least 4 recipes for salted caramel something saved to Evernote at the moment.

Salted Caramel Shortbread. Drool.


“Summer afternoon – the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James.  Don’t you agree? The promise of sunshine, grassy knolls, sparkling white wine and strawberries – pack your hamper and go picnic!

This gal is super excited about picnicking. Photography:


Jams. All the delicious summer fruits are arriving into our locals and supermarkets here in Israel – time to preserve! While we don’t have yummy blackberry or raspberry here, the strawberries, peaches and nectarines are perfect for jamming. 

Insanely organised and well-stocked pantry #jealous

Happy Wednesday!



28 May

Molly Ringwald, all in her 80’s glory.