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Happy New Week!

22 Feb
My other husband, Mr.Rogen

My other husband, Mr.Rogen

The only way to start the week: Seth Rogen’s silly face and this song!

Well we didn’t get any of the snow that Jerusalem saw this weekend, and the sun’s back out in Hertzliya so it looks like Winter’s on the way out! Here’s hoping my cold/cough will follow suit.

This morning the radio introduced me to Family of The Year, an awesome band, with this gorgeous song ‘Hero’ on my way to the train station. Then reading the morning news, I felt so uplifted by this event that took place in Oslo this past Friday night – the true meaning of shabbat shel shalom.  Reading this other news story about a birthday party for a little boy with autism that nobody came to, my ears filled with tears as I read what happened instead. My conclusion after reading these two articles is that people can be good, even when other people are being terrible. And loads of other stuff.

Have a great week! x



7 Apr

She’s great. How badly do I want that pistachio green chair? #chairenvy

10 Ways

12 Mar

It may be the change in seasons, or that ‘what am I doing with my life?’  itch that comes around every so often but I’ve been feeling verrrry blahhhh recently. Last night I decided to stop moping and hop on back the Proactive bus.  I started with practical stuff.  The mountain of clean laundry on my bedroom floor which had been mocking me for at last 5 days –  put it all away. Then I did more laundry, made meal plans for the next week, hung up a new calendar so we’ll be more on top of our responsibilities and childcare (no we’ve never forgotten him at gan, but… it could happen), made a shopping list, cooked dinner alongside my hubs and then we sat down to watch another brilliant episode of Modern Family.



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Seven on the Seventh

7 Jan

7th Aliyahniversary today! In Judaism, the number 7 has all kinds of spiritual significance. Even without all the amazing things that have happened since I’ve been here, I think it would’ve been enough to just live here. Dayenu.

1. On January 7, 2007, I managed to get on the plane without too many tears, despite leaving my family behind in the airport. If I had managed this, even without having friends to meet me on the other side with balloons and warm hugs…dayenu

2. If I had managed to learn a bit of Hebrew in Ulpan, even without meeting a family that speaks no English, who forced me to learn…dayenu

3. If I had made just a few good friends in this new, strange land…dayenu. Instead, I am blessed with a lot of amazing friends here, who experience this country as I do – through cracked, wonky, rose-coloured spectacles. Friends who share my very first Israel memories, who danced with us at our wedding, whose own chuppahs we have cried at, who I have been drunk with more times than I should have, who also can’t make it through Hatikva on yom haatzmaut without crying, and hate supermarket shopping here almost as much as I do.

4. When I had all but given up on dating, and Dotan came along via the wonders of the internet, my world flipped upside down. If he had only taught me the things he has taught me, and not turned out to be my husband… well, not really dayenu. I don’t know who or where I’d be without him.

5. If we’d had all our beautiful, long married years together and not been able to expand our family… dayenu. But little did we know, the blessings were just on hold for a bit.

6. If he had just been born a tiny bundle of squawks and poops and noise, dayenu. That was all we wanted. But instead we have a happy, round, funny, gorgeous little elf of a baby who we adore.

7. If he had given us a roof over our heads, clothes on our back and food on our table… dayenu. But in our full, slightly hectic but happy life, we have so much more than that. And I am grateful for all of it.

To another seven years! x

January 7, 2007 - landed!

January 7, 2007 – landed!

Super Fun Countdown

25 Apr

Pregnancy calendar: 32 weeks!

Boys come in all shades of blue. And green, and purple and yellow and orange....

Boys come in all shades… but not just of blue!

Woah. Just six weeks left until I am finished with work for a good few months, and can properly concentrate on preparing our home, my body and mind – not to mention our bank account – for the arrival of #minimazor. Oh gosh. Time has flown. It still might be 10 weeks until the little guy arrives PG, but the excitement / trepidation has begun. I can’t wait for the day I can walk out of this office and switch into mama-mode! In the spirit of countdowns and things, I’ve compiled a list of things I need to do before the baby arrives.  These are things I have been told WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN (ok really, never?) once the baby arrives Continue reading