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Happy New Week!

22 Feb
My other husband, Mr.Rogen

My other husband, Mr.Rogen

The only way to start the week: Seth Rogen’s silly face and this song!

Well we didn’t get any of the snow that Jerusalem saw this weekend, and the sun’s back out in Hertzliya so it looks like Winter’s on the way out! Here’s hoping my cold/cough will follow suit.

This morning the radio introduced me to Family of The Year, an awesome band, with this gorgeous song ‘Hero’ on my way to the train station. Then reading the morning news, I felt so uplifted by this event that took place in Oslo this past Friday night – the true meaning of shabbat shel shalom.  Reading this other news story about a birthday party for a little boy with autism that nobody came to, my ears filled with tears as I read what happened instead. My conclusion after reading these two articles is that people can be good, even when other people are being terrible. And loads of other stuff.

Have a great week! x


Happy Weekend!

29 Mar

The best thing EVER at the moment is long weekends, and this week I’m off work Thursday-Monday! Yesterday was spent picnicking in glorious sunshine all day long, reunioning with my bestest friends and their sweet babies.





Today am off to the Marina in Herzliya for brunch with friends, then its home to cook for dinner guests tonight, bake for teatime guests tomorrow and then get ready for a hike on Sunday. Clearly at 7mths pregnant I won’t actually be hiking, but if I get to see some nature and actually get out of the car, we’ll consider it a success. Can’t wait! Also, happiest of birthdays to Daniella!! Love you man! Shabbat shalom & chag sameach x

Ball Park

9 Mar

A friend tweeted this link and it is honestly one of the loveliest things I’ve seen in ages.

In need of a pick me up? Watch. this. now. Shavua tov!

Happy, merry time of year!

26 Dec
Festive stairs

Festive stairs

While in Israel it’s work as usual this week, I hope everyone else is enjoying this chilly, festive time of year (yeah not jealous at all…) at home with Downton Christmas specials, lots of hot choccie and family time. Or in true Jewy style, with a lot of good food!


Pie, Pie, Pie Delilah

23 Aug

Red red raspberry goodness

Thursday afternoon – it’s that glorious time (here in Israel, at least) when a whole weekend of freedom sits before you, untouched.  What are your weekend plans, kids? This evening I’m off to see Cirque du Soleil with my brother which I’m tres excited about! There is also a Mystery Guest joining us. Things are always more enjoyable when there’s an element of surprise. On our last family holiday we saw the Cirque in Vegas, so it’s a nice little reunion for all parties involved. Tomorrow’s plans are to wait in for my gas mask delivery. More on this topic another time as yes, it is scary and also in some way morbidly hilarious.  Ding dong! Gas mask delivery! Not quite as exciting as books, or shoes…

Then I plan on convining Dotan to go fruit and berry picking on a nearby farm, to spend some time outside for a change and so that I can make some lovely pies next week.  In true southern belle fashion, our last Shabbat guest, Talya, brought us a delightful pie (as Americans like to say ‘made from scratch’, although I didn’t realise until recently there was any other kind) encased in a perfect, buttery, flaky pie crust, which was just delicious. I’m thinking of Raspberry, Blueberry and Peach. Mostly Peach. Because of this  and this and also this  yumminess.

My other plan is to hug Dotan a lot, as he’s finally coming home after almost a month away!!

Pies on the windowsill – can you smell them?

Hope you have a sweet and sunny weekend, wherever you are.

Shabbat shalom! x

Blackberries – for the win!