About Me

Gobbler of books, ferocious baker, formerly of London, Tokyo & Venezuela, now bobbling along in Israel as a new Mummy and learning to love it all. I deeply appreciate all things quirky, travelling, daydreaming about travelling, pinning on Pinterest, daydreaming about pinning daydreams on Pinterest, cucumber sandwiches (no crusts please), cheap & cheerful home design, my nephews & nieces (like, really a lot), entertaining (the cooking-for-friends type of entertaining, not the juggling/eating fire bit) and 80’s movies. I’m a marmalade fiend and lover of  all things Japanese. 

I spend my non-bloggy time hanging with my wonderful hubby and our ginger, curly-headed baby boy, occasionally baking cranberry scones, working at a law firm, exploring this glorious/insane country, reading and trying to improve my Hebrew.  This is life on the inside – where the Iron Dome, chummus bars and Teva sandals are all the rage.

In my daydreams, I live with my hubs and our little one on a rambling, self-sustaining farm with free wifi, surrounded by lots of ruddy cheeked, ginger children in muddy wellies, down the road from from a giant cosy library, espresso bar and a cinema. In reality, I’m pursuing that dream wholeheartedly while also trying to place myself at the head of a movement similar to yarn-bombing.  

Note: I do not take credit for photos featured on this site, except for those of family. If you see a photo that should be credited, please be sure to write & inform me, so that I can make sure the photographer is duly praised and thanked.  Arigato! 


Mini Dannii, London [circa 1985]


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