Thinking Thoughts

2 Apr

1) The newest Cup of Jo post is ace. Sage advice from 20 female entrepreneurs.

‘While I rarely do this, I feel strongly that if you wake up on a Wednesday and feel like you’d rather have a root canal than get back to work, take a mental health day, or at least a mental health morning. Treat yourself to a sit-down breakfast, or a walk in the park. Run an errand out of your way, and take the scenic route. Do something to listen to your internal cues so you don’t get burnt out. You never know what fresh ideas you might find outside your normal work zone. And remember, even people with traditional jobs get to go out for lunch or happy hour once in a while. It’s very easy to get overly austere about work, but it doesn’t necessarily produce better outcomes. – Deb Perelman

p.s Is it just me, or should Deb Perelman just have her own EVERYTHING a la Oprah? She is full of wit and wisdom and amazingly delicious, never-fail recipes. In my dreamland, she is head chef and VP to Amy Poehler, Head of The World.

2) Watched this on the commute to work this morning. She is just wonderful. Her latest book ‘Americanah’ is next up on my reading list.


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