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Exercise Morality

26 Feb

Nope, that’s not an instruction. This is actually about the ‘morality’ of exercise. What? Ma kashur, you may ask? Here, read this excellent piece by Naomi Alderman, and live inside my fat-girl mind for 5 minutes.

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Happy New Week!

22 Feb
My other husband, Mr.Rogen

My other husband, Mr.Rogen

The only way to start the week: Seth Rogen’s silly face and this song!

Well we didn’t get any of the snow that Jerusalem saw this weekend, and the sun’s back out in Hertzliya so it looks like Winter’s on the way out! Here’s hoping my cold/cough will follow suit.

This morning the radio introduced me to Family of The Year, an awesome band, with this gorgeous song ‘Hero’ on my way to the train station. Then reading the morning news, I felt so uplifted by this event that took place in Oslo this past Friday night – the true meaning of shabbat shel shalom.  Reading this other news story about a birthday party for a little boy with autism that nobody came to, my ears filled with tears as I read what happened instead. My conclusion after reading these two articles is that people can be good, even when other people are being terrible. And loads of other stuff.

Have a great week! x

Just cos.

17 Feb
Theo James & Shai Woodley

                       The world wants you to be together! Stop this nonsense!

Divergent – irresistible YA fiction for daydreamy 33 year olds.  When I’m not busy with Proust, obvs.

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15 Feb

In love with this. And the Tooch.