This Year I Want To….

1 Jan

May your year be glittery and bright!

Blog more, love more, laugh more, do more! Last year was the year of adjustment, becoming a working parent was tough. It took all of my energy up, and I let myself get a bit lazy. I hardly took up any new hobbies or projects. DesignMom writes that resolutions for her are just a fun list of goals to help her focus on the upcoming year, but she doesn’t put pressure on herself to keep them! I like that.  In that spirit, I have borrowed both her attitude and her family’s resolution mantra:

This year, I want to… 

  • Learn: Yiddish, and how to use my Kettle Bells properly.
  • Read: As much as possible!
  • Make: every recipe from a Hummingbird Bakery cookbook (excluding the non-kosher ‘ham + everything’ muffins) per my LLL.
  • Visit: Holland, or Norway.
  • Change: misconceptions about religious people in Israel, but that’ll take some time. This year I think I might change my dentist. 
  • Be better at: Friendships. Am going to work on becoming better friends with my friends. Look out, folks! Most of all I want: peace across our region, a foreign vacation and another baby please! Did I go too far? #dammit.

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