Ring In The New

31 Dec

2014. The year we watched our little ball of Oz blossom into a proper little person, develop his own unique personality, his likes and dislikes. He started walking and talking and cleverly learned to fake-cry. He loves grapes, red cheddar and horses. It’s all pretty hilarious. This year I learned our house will never be entirely free of cracker crumbs, or laughter. We love him to tiny, auburn, curly-headed pieces.

2014. The year we, and many others, faced up to the reality of living in Israel. We stared, frightened, into the face of terror: kidnappings, rockets, missiles, the deaths of so many young soldiers – brothers, fathers, sons – terrorist ‘frogmen’ coming out of the sea, frighteningly-long tunnels from Gaza which opened onto kibbutzim. We shook in our boots and in our bomb shelters, we mourned lives lost on both ‘sides’. We went back to complaining about the price of dairy products, kindergarten and petrol. Our government has fallen apart, again. Onwards, to another year of corruption and lies!

2014. The year I finally passed my driving test! Hurrah! One more thing on my Lovely Life List ticked off, one more step towards feeling like an actual grown-up. As if moving countries alone or becoming a parent wasn’t quite enough…

2015. A year of hope, change, love, good health for all those suffering, optimism, peace and contentment. These are all the things I’ll pray for as the calendar year turns. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy new year. Ring in the new!



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