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17 Jun

Oz, our gorgeous 11 month old, started walking on shabbat – an exciting and emotional moment for us! He toddled a few steps all on his own, right in the middle of the Colombia-Greece game when nobody was really paying attention except me and his savta, but it was amazing. This week, the week before his first birthday, should be so incredibly joyous for us, but when I put Ozzie to bed earlier I burst into tears. There are three mothers in Israel, three mothers not that different from me, who are also longing to hug and cuddle their sons, their babies, and they can’t. They have been TAKEN from them, just snatched away. Every parent’s worst nightmare.

So strong in the face of such an upheaval, the parents of these boys are showing us the best of the human spirit – we have so much to learn from them, as we cry with them, we HOPE alongside them – and pray – that their children are returned to them as soon as possible.

It’s hard to concentrate on anything but the fate of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali.

For those of my friends abroad that aren’t already aware, these three boys are not just missing. Terrifyingly, they have been kidnapped by terrorists – by Hamas. These three teenagers are not soldiers, they didn’t go through basic training where they’re told what to do or say if this should ever happen.

They aren’t even men, yet. They are just boys. Terrified, petrified, I can only imagine. One of them bravely risked calling the police, whispering into his phone ‘We’ve been kidnapped’… it was sadly ignored as a prank. They were taken while making their way home from school.

They have taken our children.

Eyal is 19, the eldest of seven siblings, he plays guitar and helps out with all the younger kids in his family. He wrote daily on his FB wall when Gilad Shalit was captured, that we should never give up hope that he’s alive. Isn’t that a horrible, heartbreaking thing to know? But these are the faces of the boys who have been taken. Naftali is 16, the child of an American immigrant to Israel, he has fuzzy ginger hair and braces, a gifted student academically who loves playing basketball. Gilad is 16, a youth counselor who likes listening to music and really likes baking. Especially muffins, according to his sisters.

Those Palestinians complicit in and supportive of this kidnapping only reminds me of a quote from Golda Meir – ‘There will be peace when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.’

Does it need to be said that the Palestinian campaign in support of this kidnapping – getting their own children to hold up 3 fingers, a salute to represent the 3 missing boys – is absolutely disgusting? That it’s morally reprehensible? That they are teaching their children to hate, just to hate…

And what of our children? They have ripped them from their mother’s arms, and we don’t know where they are, or if they’re alive.

Please PLEASE keep praying that they are returned alive, unharmed. Even if it’s just thinking about them as you go about your day, please keep doing everything you can to bring back our boys.