10 Ways

12 Mar

It may be the change in seasons, or that ‘what am I doing with my life?’  itch that comes around every so often but I’ve been feeling verrrry blahhhh recently. Last night I decided to stop moping and hop on back the Proactive bus.  I started with practical stuff.  The mountain of clean laundry on my bedroom floor which had been mocking me for at last 5 days –  put it all away. Then I did more laundry, made meal plans for the next week, hung up a new calendar so we’ll be more on top of our responsibilities and childcare (no we’ve never forgotten him at gan, but… it could happen), made a shopping list, cooked dinner alongside my hubs and then we sat down to watch another brilliant episode of Modern Family.



When I’m on top of things, I feel more in control and consequently happier. Am not sure that this is a good equation, as things often spiral out of control with a baby (or two, or four) in the picture and I can’t sink into it every time. There are lots of things I’d like to have under control, and lots of things I’d like to be doing. My to-do list is endless.  In conclusion, I really can’t rely on all these things to be under control for me to be happy.  Things are NOT always in our control, and I need to be a bit less control-freaky.

Recently, I noticed my friends using this hashtag on Instagram: #100happydays and wondered if I should get in on that action, to see if it helps with happying my spirit.  Just a fun, tiny thing like the Gratitude Diary I kept last year. I’ve joined up, we’ll see what happens. As they say on the site, this is not a happiness competition!

 Things that have perked me up so far were reading this blog post: 10 Ways to Be A Better Version of Yourself in 2014 and scrolling through healthy and yummy sounding breakfast & snack idea on DeliciouslyEllaHere’s to a happy Wednesday! x


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