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25 Mar


On this morning’s commute I began to properly immerse myself  in my new book, The Desire Map, which is encouraging me to take a big old pause from life and really examine what it is that I want.  Really really want – not like, new boots or a great haircut. The basic premise is that we set ourselves goals (see my Lovely Life List, for example!), when the real goal is the feelings which achieving that goal will produce – not the goal itself. Barking up the wrong goals, as she says.  But today, before delving deeper into this journey and desire mapping, let’s just stop and smell the roses.


10 Ways

12 Mar

It may be the change in seasons, or that ‘what am I doing with my life?’  itch that comes around every so often but I’ve been feeling verrrry blahhhh recently. Last night I decided to stop moping and hop on back the Proactive bus.  I started with practical stuff.  The mountain of clean laundry on my bedroom floor which had been mocking me for at last 5 days –  put it all away. Then I did more laundry, made meal plans for the next week, hung up a new calendar so we’ll be more on top of our responsibilities and childcare (no we’ve never forgotten him at gan, but… it could happen), made a shopping list, cooked dinner alongside my hubs and then we sat down to watch another brilliant episode of Modern Family.



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You Noodle

10 Mar

As winter slowly leaves us here in Israel, I’m starting to put my warming comfort food recipes aside and find myself browsing for salads, granolas & cheery breakfast shakes while searching for sandals and summer dresses online. Luckily, we’re not there yet. After a grey, windy day like today, sinking into the couch with one of these on your lap will not only warm your insides but remind you about all the good, cosy things winter has to offer.


Oven baked potato wedges

Potatoes are in my Irish/Russian genes and I shall always love them more than any other round starchy vegetable. My ideal dinner involving these wedges includes a freshly chopped Israeli salad and chorizo sausauges. Dip ’em in ketchup, mayo, aioli or whatever takes your fancy – just dip ’em.  And bake ’em, it’s the healthier option. Continue reading


10 Mar

Would like this more if she wasn’t wearing nail polish #totsunecessary

Since Ozzie was born, I can’t seem to stop gazing at little peoples’ clothing online. 


Colour colour colour and that middle one looks like a baby owl

And planning his 2016 wardrobe is a big ole (welcome) distraction from work!

The everything!

The everything!

Happy Tuesdays x