Mindy. Mindy Mindy. Mork.

10 Feb

In case it wasn’t clear, I am a HUGE Mindy fan. Actually, not sure why that would be clear to anybody – except Dotan, who watches me watching The Mindy Show and is provided with his own particular brand of entertainment.  Occasionally he  imitates her voice, which I can handle. Just don’t do it too much, because she is clearly aware that she speaks like an 11 year old girl and would maybe change that if she could.  

Oh just look at 'em! A terrible match! #swoon

Oh just look at ’em! A terrible match! #swoon


Clearly lifted from someone important’s Instagram account…

In short, Mindy is wonderful and I love her. Despite this adoration, it took me a long time to finally get round to reading her book. What? There are a LOT of good books in the world. Anyway, I read it, I loved it, real-life Mindy (witty but stylish comedian) appears to be a slightly more stable version of the fictional Mindy (self-centred but stylish gynecologist) and that’s probably a good thing.

She mentions her ‘immigrant professional’ parents one too many times, but who can bash a gal for loving her folks? It was cheering to read about her nice relationship with her immigrant professional parents. At some point, you begin to forget what the words immigrant professional mean and then you start chanting mara-thon, mara-thon in your head until that too loses all meaning and you get lost in a tangential wandering through the annals of time, trying to figure out how words ever came to be. 

sigh. As an aside, did you read that Mork & Mindy are reuniting? Cute! x

10 times Danny and Mindy were absolutely perfect together


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