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18 Feb


When I was  on maternity leave, I had an incredibly irritating exchange with someone – a woman, specifically –  who asked me “What do you DO all day?”.  Yes, offended SAHM mamas of the world, yes. Afterwards, I pondered if it was asked out of genuine curiosity, and not condescension, but I honestly didn’t know.  I pointed out to her that I couldn’t speak for all stay-at-home-mothers of kids of different ages, but being on maternity leave with a tiny baby didn’t leave a lot of time for hobbies or doing second degrees. 

Then the other week, a colleague in my office asked if I was ok, now that I’m back from my ‘vacation’.  Listen, work people, it’s time to get off your high horses about what actually happens in offices vs. being responsible for a tiny human all day, every day, for 7 months!  That’s a role which demands that you be on your game, emotionally and physically.   Continue reading



16 Feb

Mazal tov! My little brother finally popped the Q to his lovely girlfriend on Friday, and we are all SO excited that she said yes. I mean, it would’ve been a little bit shocking if she’d said no… but still. Happy days! The baby of the family is getting hitched i.e. this will be our last sibling wedding. Tots emosh. Happy engagement week, G&K!

Aren't they cute?

Aren’t they cute?

Go On…

12 Feb


Mindy. Mindy Mindy. Mork.

10 Feb

In case it wasn’t clear, I am a HUGE Mindy fan. Actually, not sure why that would be clear to anybody – except Dotan, who watches me watching The Mindy Show and is provided with his own particular brand of entertainment.  Occasionally he  imitates her voice, which I can handle. Just don’t do it too much, because she is clearly aware that she speaks like an 11 year old girl and would maybe change that if she could.  

Oh just look at 'em! A terrible match! #swoon

Oh just look at ’em! A terrible match! #swoon


Clearly lifted from someone important’s Instagram account…

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Missing: A Red Lip

10 Feb


As I desperately need a new haircut, I’ve been pondering a new look which mostly revolves around a very red lip. Basically, mornings are quite hurried with trying to get myself & baby out the door (at 37, the husband has a handle on how to get himself ready) that I need a simple beauty routine, and my usual face makeup + a bright red lip seems like a very easy way to look ‘done’ with little effort. The only Q is, how to find the perfect red? Any recommendations?