13 Jan

Well, it’s January. January! The month I was dreading since my 8th month of pregnancy. The maternity leave is over, 2013 is over, and I’m back at work complaining about my commute like everyone else on the hamster wheel. Sir Ozwald is sweet and amazing. Since he turned 5 months (shiny, sparkly 5 months), he does something completely new every few days and it is miraculous watching him grow and learn and do totally ridiculous things. As predicted (and as multiple people felt the need to remind me) the first three months with him were insane. For me, it was a haze of breastfeeding troubles, the expected sleepless nights, a test of my patience (I have a short fuse at the best of times) and the occasional, fleeting thought around week 4, “What have I done to my life?!”. But those crazy first months are also over so quickly. He won’t sleep on my shoulder anymore, or let me cuddle him for too long like in those early, sleepy days. He doesn’t cry for inexplicable reasons, and he’s certainly not tiny and fragile anymore. At almost 7 months he needs to wriggle and turn over, he needs to move and see and watch and listen and there’s no time for cuddles, mummy!  He is almost sitting up on his own for more than 5 seconds, almost crawling i.e. sliding on his tummy, albeit backwards, and he has a giggle that brings a smile to your face – it’s impossible not to laugh along with him. He is totally obsessed with his Abba, absolutely everything Dotan does makes him smile. Sometimes, Ozzie just smiles at Dotan’s back while he’s doing the washing up. It’s ridiculous. And totally gorgeous.

Our days together in my last months of maternity leave were chilled. There was always a trip to the local butcher or baker or candlestick maker (no, actually not that last one), playtime and exercise time and storytime at home (he mostly tries to eat the books, hasn’t quite cottoned onto the ‘story’ aspect yet), the occasional adventure out of town with other mummies & babies, but mostly a lot of staying home ‘playing house’. There was always laundry to be done, as well as baking and cooking, but it was important for me to be able to stop all that and just sit with him and play. I feel incredibly blessed to have had 6 months to just be with him, focusing on getting to know each other. I am completely head-over-heels for our delicious little boy, our little pumpernickel.  Sometimes while gazing into his sweet face, I think about our struggles before I was pregnant with him, and how often we talked about ‘a baby’. And that baby is our Ozzie. And I don’t know if I would love him less if I hadn’t carried him for 9 months, or had 9 hours of contractions or heard him mew like a kitten as I held him on my stomach three seconds after he entered the world. It’s impossible to say.

The days of just the two of us are but a distant dream, and as we hurry to get ready and out of the house in the mornings, I long for our maternity leave ‘schedule’ and the quiet days of play and giggles. Thankfully, he seems to thrive on being around other little ones which makes it easier to leave him at daycare every day.

Hopefully this marks a return to my regular blogging schedule! Ciao, bambinos x


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