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3 months!

23 Sep

1379863061481Well, we’ve made it through the bit everybody said would be The Hard Bit and we’re all still standing. It has indeed been VERY hard at times, but also wonderful and amazing and fun. Oz is officially 3 months+2 days, and he just started giggling this week! He is incredibly sweet and funny and very,very dribbly.  His cheeks are decidedly chubby and make for excellent snuggles. So that we can look back and actually remember things from when he was teeny, I’ve decided to log his Favourites every three months. If this page still exists on ye olde Internet when he’s bigger, it might also be fun for Ozzie to read 🙂

Favourite book: A ‘touch & feel’ book, ‘That’s Not My Dinosaur!’

Favourite toy: A purple Elephant interactive toy named Pilly-Pilly Pompom (Oz named him, obviously. His mother would never be so silly…)

Favourite meal: Milk is all you get right now, boy.

Favourite thing: Having his tummy nuzzled – makes him giggle!

Favourite person: Abba! When Abba appears after work and does his loud, evil laughter Ozzie smiles the biggest smiles and looks absolutely delighted at the horrid noise coming out of his dad’s mouth. Clearly we have a little lobbus on our hands.

20130920_114602                                             Frowny

20130917_085517Experiencing his first time on the beach/sand here! He was a little confused, but wiggled his toes which I interpreted as ‘I can handle this.’

Happy 3 months, Zuzu! x