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27 Aug

Brit 257

We have a tiny human! We’ve had our little guy for over 8 weeks now but he still seems brand new to me, and we learn something new about him every day. This is what I know so far: he has copper coloured hair (let’s not call it ginger JUST yet) and beautiful flint grey eyes, he loves listening to his daddy sing (we’re still unclear as to why, or to what this says about his hearing), and like most babies he does his best sleeping in moving vehicles. Even though he popped out looking exactly like his abba, most people tell us he looks like my little brother Gids. Am ok with that. Gids is a pretty decent looking human. Our baby boy is especially tall/long and is already wearing 3month clothes!

He was a star at his brit and hardly cried, but I think we can attribute that to the wonderful and lovely mohel we found (as well as a magical anaesthetic cream and a giant dose of Acamoli…). He smiles all the time which is the best thing EVER and he’s just discovered that most of his fist can fit into his mouth, bringing him great joy. So much saliva. yuck. I don’t think we’ll be giving him back anytime soon though, he’s pretty darn cute.

In Hebrew, Oz means strength or valour but refers to an inner kind of strength rather than the Ironman/bodybuilder kind. I often feel like living in this country takes a whole lot of inner strength and determination so we’re hopefully equipping him with the right kind of strength it takes to love this country, land and people. Bentzion is his middle name and while it’s an old fashioned kind of name in Israel (even though Bentzi’s an awfully cute nickname, I couldn’t see it being his first name), one shabbat morning I sat reading the paper and having a coffee (because one does not waddle to shul at 8 months pregnant,it’s unsightly), it came to me.

With a tear in my eye, I thought about how introducing a child into this world, but particularly into the situation in this country of ours, is both a wonderful and terrifying prospect. Even though I am so often disappointed by things that go on here in Israel, I still desperately want him to be proud of where he comes from – his religion, the tradition, the history, the culture, the people, the land. Bentzion literally means ‘son of Zion’ because that is exactly what he is. He doesn’t just belong to me and D, this gorgeous baby boy of ours also belongs to his people, to Am Yisrael. Zion isn’t just a place, it’s also a hope and a concept of the future – everything that children embody.

In the night when I am feeding him,when D is sleeping and everything is peaceful and silent (although recently the hubs has been doing a 2am bottle for which I am SO grateful) I look down at my little one guzzling away and feel incredibly blessed! After so much waiting and wanting and a wonderfully easy pregnancy and a crazy, natural birth – out came this funny looking gift. Trying to see to all his needs as well as keeping my head above water is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There were moments during his first month when I was home alone all day with him and wanted to jump out the window. But we spent a bit more time together and started to learn each others’ habits and now we are mostly hunky dory. This little squishy person is the most wonderful and miraculous thing. And as for the crying fits and frequent refusal to take naps? As Jo says, ‘Good thing they’re so cute’.

Introducing our baby boy, Oz Bentzion Mazor!

wpid-20130729_172308.jpg wpid-20130729_172307.jpgCant believe he was THIS small just a few weeks ago!

image                                                                                                       The feet just kill me.

oz-dannii-brit                                                                            And now he looks a bit more like this…

wpid-20130822_161944.jpg wpid-20130825_102528.jpg wpid-20130825_172213.jpg

Birth story: coming soon!