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Same Same But Different

17 Jun

40 weeks! 

Status of bump: large.

Status of bump: large.

The to-do list is complete. A lovely pre-baby brunch with my girlfriends has been had. Tiny baby clothes have been washed, the cot’s been ordered, the changing station’s been set up and I’ve read and read and re-read about the stages of labour. We’ve got mohalim and lactation consultants on standby, my parents have arrived, and even our coffee machine has been fixed in time for upcoming, bleary-eyed parenthood. I met up with my doula for a final ’emergency’ session, just to reassure myself that I CAN do this, with or without her.  The freezer is full. I’ve learned how to use my breast pump. Basically, I’d say we’re good. We might not ever be ready, but we’re done getting ready. Nine months have zoomed past in a flash (although there was a definite lull there around month 6/7) and we’re here. 40 weeks. Baruch Hashem! Yesterday was my official due date, June 16th, highlighted, decorated and totally pimped out on the calendar – yet it came and went, and baby is still inside. Squirming, despite the lack of room. We might be ready, but clearly he is not!

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