The Before & The After

26 May

As of today, he weighs 6 lb (2.8kg) and, according to the doctor, one of us is going to need to learn to play footie properly.  He’s a kicker, and just won’t keep still during scans. I mean, if you had a giant monitor pressing down on your tushy you might squirm a bit too. Today is officially 37 weeks, which also signals the start of the time when he could – as people keep telling me – ‘arrive any minute!’.  I have a strong feeling he’ll be late, but that’s cool. As long as he doesn’t get too big for me to push out (eek) we’ll cope.  This was the last major scan, and I’m extremely thankful that everything looks good right now, baruch Hashem, so I can continue gearing up towards labour and birth.

Am so excited to meet him, and see if he looks anything like I imagine! This is the before. This is the imagining and planning and waiting and excitement and the bit where I try to do my homework by reading every ‘what to expect’ book that exists.  And it might be total panic stations when he does eventually arrive PG, and I might forget absolutely everything I’ve read, but it will be ok. And there might be things we don’t expect, that we haven’t foreseen. I’m trying to prepare for that too. Not for the worst, because nobody can prepare for that, and I have really worked on being optimistic and positive over the last 9 months. It hasn’t always been easy and as lots of friends have reminded me, mummying is 70% worrying, but sometimes there are things you don’t expect at all, and it will be ok. We will cope. This is the before, where I talk to him and tell him that we love him no matter what, that we think we have a name for him but we’ll have to see what he looks like first. This is when I ask him to help me, when I ask if we can please work together so that labour and birth are smooth and as quick as possible, so that we can cuddle as soon as possible.  I haven’t told him yet that this world is kind of a crazy place, that this country is slightly crazier than others, but so much more beautiful and meaningful to us than anywhere else. We’ll save that conversation for the future.

If you pray, in whatever way you do it, please send good thoughts out for us – that labour and birth should be quick and smooth, and that our baby boy should be born in good health, with joy and love, at the right time PG! x


2 Responses to “The Before & The After”

  1. Ruth W May 26, 2013 at 17:08 #

    Amen sista!!! Beautiful, really enjoyed the post and wishing you the very very best. If your pinboards are anything to go by… that is gonna be one cool looking, fun loving kid!! B’shaar tova honeypie

  2. Katie May 27, 2013 at 22:53 #

    This was so lovely. Am praying and wishing for your boy’s health and safe arrival and your happy great birth, and then a wonderful life for the newly enlarged team M! So so excited and can’t believe he’s nearly here!

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