1 May

Summer is here! It came upon us awful sudden, but apparently this heat is here to stay. Yesterday it was 34 degrees!! A bit ridiculous, seeing as I have a little radiator inside me which means even in 15 degree AC, I’m still hot.  But Summer also means reviving the mani/pedi routine, which always makes me happy. What? Looking down at your newly painted toes doesn’t fill you with a summery kind of joy? Oh well. Newly painted toes and soft, newly pedi’d feet means I can wear sandals and flip-flops to work  – one of the benefits of working in Israel! But on Friday I realised my feet are swollen, and none of my sandals are fitting. Uh oh. A bit of online browsing has lead me to these beauties… do any of them take your fancy?



Shoe Republic


Modcloth – Crafty Afternoon (these are a particular fave!)


Kate Spade

Kate Spade

summer bloom

Accessorize – Summer Bloom

If I can’t buy clothes for another year, am at least gonna buy shoes! Who’s with me? x


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