Super Fun Countdown

25 Apr

Pregnancy calendar: 32 weeks!

Boys come in all shades of blue. And green, and purple and yellow and orange....

Boys come in all shades… but not just of blue!

Woah. Just six weeks left until I am finished with work for a good few months, and can properly concentrate on preparing our home, my body and mind – not to mention our bank account – for the arrival of #minimazor. Oh gosh. Time has flown. It still might be 10 weeks until the little guy arrives PG, but the excitement / trepidation has begun. I can’t wait for the day I can walk out of this office and switch into mama-mode! In the spirit of countdowns and things, I’ve compiled a list of things I need to do before the baby arrives.  These are things I have been told WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN (ok really, never?) once the baby arrives e.g.:

  • Going to the cinema.
  • Sleeping-in whenever possible
  • Glugging down wine (I have abstained for the last 7 months, but one glass of white on our Babymoon won’t hurt)
  • Hairdressers!
  • A morning ‘under the covers’ – this will never happen again! (e.g. breakfast in bed, movie in bed, snuggle in with a book/mag, snacks etc) 
  • Catching up properly with girlfriends
  • Pampering – get a mani/pedi, massage etc. 
  • Midnight dance parties (who wants to wake a sleeping baby? Who will have the energy for anything past 11pm?)

And on a more practical level:

  • Get a paperwork folder together (maternity leave, insurance & baby)
  • Stock up on hand soap (think of all the nappies…)
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer.
  • Make a bunch of padsicles
  • Freeze some healthy, homemade meals & muffins.
  • Stock up on tea, coffee & biscuits for visitors.
  • Wash all baby clothes, muslins, bibs, socks etc.
  • Get a cleaner to do a good, deep clean of your flat. 
  • Pack the hospital bag, you never know when they’ll surprise you!

I want your suggestions, peeps! What should I add? What did you / would you do? Ideas for babymoons? I’ve been thinking that our babymoon should basically be a treasure hunt style weekend full of things on list #1! Alternatively, Indian Village ‘glamping’ in Ramat HaGolan, or a boutique hotel in Jerusalem… 

We’ve got 1.5 months to go crazy on pre-parenthood activities – go! x


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