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Days Like This

30 Apr



Sunday Singalong

28 Apr

Can’t stop singing this at the mo, recalling my obsession with Lulu and the Lampshades’ version. This is from a flick called Pitch Perfect, which clearly hasn’t reached Israel yet or I would’ve seen it (crossing off at least one pre-baby must do activity) and cried. Am such an enormous Anna Kendrick fan. She had me at her bit part in Twilight, and sealed the deal in What To Expect. Brilliant stuff. 


Also this… 

Shavua tov x

Super Fun Countdown

25 Apr

Pregnancy calendar: 32 weeks!

Boys come in all shades of blue. And green, and purple and yellow and orange....

Boys come in all shades… but not just of blue!

Woah. Just six weeks left until I am finished with work for a good few months, and can properly concentrate on preparing our home, my body and mind – not to mention our bank account – for the arrival of #minimazor. Oh gosh. Time has flown. It still might be 10 weeks until the little guy arrives PG, but the excitement / trepidation has begun. I can’t wait for the day I can walk out of this office and switch into mama-mode! In the spirit of countdowns and things, I’ve compiled a list of things I need to do before the baby arrives.  These are things I have been told WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN (ok really, never?) once the baby arrives Continue reading


24 Apr
Pretty pretty pretty

Pretty pretty pretty

Yom Hazikaron

15 Apr

Yom Hazikaron, 2013.  So many emotions every year.  My first couple of years in Israel, I felt like I was observing a memorial day that had nothing to do with me.  Despite making Aliyah, and all the many ways that it has everything to do with me – I didn’t do the army, I didn’t lose anyone close to me, and I found it hard to tap into the feeling of the day. 6 years on, I don’t feel that way anymore. When they read the lists of names out at the evening ceremony in Pardes Chana, such a long, long list, of soldiers and victims of terror and those who fought for our state long before it was even a dream… I realise it has everything to do with me.  With everyone that has chosen Israel as their adopted country.

Last night, as the cantor recited El Maale Rachamim, the baby kicked and kicked. I rubbed my stomach, feeling a stark, heartbreaking paradox at being at a memorial service for so many young people, all while feeling a life growing inside me.  But this is what this day is really about – remembering who came before us. We also think of the future and pray for peace, or at least that our neighbours will quit wanting to destroy this country. We pray that by the time our children our grown maybe there won’t be a need for them to join the army. But this baby, this boy, may one day have to be sent off in olive green uniform to defend our country. And I will be proud, even if my heart is breaking.

564348_441926875901007_93105859_n 554162_10151553082143571_594683045_nToday is a sombre day. A day of sadness, and solidarity. No shops are open, no BBQs or sales or weekend trips. Families and friends and soldiers visit the graves of fallen soldiers in cemeteries all over the country. We remember them today, we thank them for their sacrifice, and we pray that no more mothers’ tears should fall, no more friends should have to mourn, no more children should have to be taken in defense of our right to exist.

Even if usually this country is fragmented by our differences into a thousand different pieces, this is the one day we try our best to be one people, with one heart.