Saving Lives

19 Mar
Super cute first aider.

Super cute first aider. She’ll definitely be useful in an emergency. Her shoes are so shiny.

Things I learned in a First Aid course last week:

1. In an emergency, move the patient onto a hard floor, head first (not legs first, or you won’t catch their head in time!) The floor should not be wet or made of metal.

2. Always ask the patient a question first, to check if they’re responsive! “Chaim, are you ok? Can you hear me?” (our dummy was called Chaim, even though the rest of the world calls her Annie).

3. If unresponsive, check for breathing. Ear to their mouth, hand lightly on their stomach, look at their chest for signs of breathing.

4. If no breath, check for a physical reaction or pain by pinching them on their trapeze muscle i.e. both sides of their neck, above the shoulder.

5. If there’s no reaction and no breath, call an ambulance (101) & put it on speaker next to you on the floor. Now comes the brave part.

6. Begin chest compressions – one hand over the other for an adult, 2/second, about 100/minute. The compression should go 5cm deep each time.  You are now taking the place of their unresponsive heart, in order to get blood to the brain. Keep going!! If there is another adult you can swap with, do so after 2 minutes.  For elderly people, be wary of breaking ribs (their bones are more brittle) and make sure to tell the ambulance the patient’s age on the phone.  

7. For a baby, lay 4 fingers of one hand underneath their back, using 2 fingers on the other hand for chest compressions. 

The idea of doing CPR on anybody is terrifying, but I do feel (only slightly) marginally more aware of what I might need to do to try and keep somebody alive until an ambulance arrives. Most importantly, call for an ambulance as soon after an accident as possible – and don’t yell at them for taking their time if you didn’t call as soon as you could! 

Be safe and healthy, friends.


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