Sweet Slumber

12 Mar
Colours and contrast

Bold colours and contrast – this is one of my absolute favourites!

When I passed 5 months and decided I was ready to finally think about the practicalities of welcoming a child into our family and home, my first thought was – so, like, where they gonna sleep? Beyond the first few months in their bassinette or Moses basket (or a drawer lined with blankets if you’re Rachel, circa 1982) where we were going to put the little tyke permanently?

We rent a nice sized flat for a couple, with one spare room currently doubling up as storage and guest room.  Once you start trying to squeeze baby furniture and paraphernalia  in there (why do they have so much stuff? ) it starts becoming a bit frenzied.

Not at all the zen-like guest room I’d wish upon visiting friends or family, nor the sweet, playful nursery I’d want for my baby either.  Just a mass of furniture, surrounded by tall cupboards. So, what to do? 

Exposing their enormous capacity for single-mindedness, it seems mothers-to-be are able to ignore the pressing 24 hour news cycle in favour of a much hotter topic: guest room vs. nursery. There’s almost as much written on this topic in the blogosphere as there is on breastfeeding, so at least I don’t feel idiotic for wasting precious thought time on it.

Love the 'thrown together' feel of this photo, and the Jenny Lind crib obvs.

Loved the feel of this photo/nursery as soon as I saw it. Can’t tear my eyes away from that pea green Jenny Lind crib. J’adore!


Obsessed with the giant fruit and amount of SPACE.


Was inspired to make bunting for the baby’s room, thanks to this pic!


Dreamy, girly nursery. That rug!


This kind of decoration would work perfectly for the small space we’re working with. Decisions – wall decal? paint?

Just as I was writing this, I saw that Joanna over at Cup of Jo is having similar ‘logistical’ issues with her 2nd child. Give up on guests? Keep the guest bed and not make a nursery? Is that just a delay tactic? If so, surely it’d be better for us to reorganise now when we have the time and energy?  Thoughts?

In the meantime, I’ve posted pics of some of the lovelier nurseries I’ve been gawking at… you know, not during work time or anything.



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  1. Dillanger January 3, 2015 at 19:29 #

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inamfortion.

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