I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

10 Mar

pretty Amsterdam houses

I have a major Holland craving.  A mad craving, to ride bicycles with Dotan through narrow, riverside Amsterdam streets, and eat good cheese and croissants and see our friends Marjolein and Michael get married, and make Hagelslag chocolate sprinkle sandwiches and bring back Flik-Flak watches and postcards of daffodils.  I want to take a picture of us sitting in a giant clog by a windmill, and reunion with my old friend Eleanor in her local pub and hear a lot of Dutch and marvel at the floating flower markets.

Also this.

I had this magical trip all planned out – until I realised I would be 7 months pregnant at the time of Marjolein’s wedding and not able to fly, which is both such an exciting thought and a major bummer all at the same time! Dotan had a lovely visit with them last Spring, and I am still so jealous. Retroactively. Fingers-crossed, hoping to take our #miniMazor there on his first trip abroad in Autumn, b’ezrat Hashem, for cheese and mass purchasing of beautiful Delftware. Until then, vaarwel voor nu Amsterdam!



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