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Happy Weekend!

29 Mar

The best thing EVER at the moment is long weekends, and this week I’m off work Thursday-Monday! Yesterday was spent picnicking in glorious sunshine all day long, reunioning with my bestest friends and their sweet babies.





Today am off to the Marina in Herzliya for brunch with friends, then its home to cook for dinner guests tonight, bake for teatime guests tomorrow and then get ready for a hike on Sunday. Clearly at 7mths pregnant I won’t actually be hiking, but if I get to see some nature and actually get out of the car, we’ll consider it a success. Can’t wait! Also, happiest of birthdays to Daniella!! Love you man! Shabbat shalom & chag sameach x


Bobba’s Matzah Cover

25 Mar


Holidays are coming, holidays are coming….

24 Mar


Pesach is almost here! That’s an exclamation mark, which you’d think would betray some enthusiasm, but it’s really quite difficult to get excited for Pesach. There’s just so much prep if you’re staying home, and all the fun things – like preparing red food dye, cotton wool balls and other ‘plagues’ for seder night –  is really only fun when there are kids around.  Also I love baking, but I don’t love a baking challenge which is what most Pesach baking is about. 

Then I read an article today which reminded me that this is a festival which should definitely not be about moaning or groaning or spring cleaning, but something else entirely.  Pesach celebrates our freedom (think about that word for a second…) and a miraculous event in Jewish history.

 It’s also a holiday which is supposed to focus us on others via the traditional giving of kimcha d’pischa before Pesach, as well as on our selves: what inflates my ego? Which elements in my life act as my taskmaster?

Most importantly, the holiday focuses us on future generations, on what and who will come after us. The concept of “והגדת לבנך” (“and you will tell it to your children”) is the point of seder night! Do we want our kids to think Pesach is just about cleaning and moaning and housework? Nuh uh. So, as my sister advised – put the oven on self-clean, wipe down your shelves & lock everything else away! In the holiday spirit of optimism and a love of food gawking, here are some good lookin’ Pesach goodies & recipes I will be enthusiastically trying out this year, exclamation marks and all. 

Chag sameach! 


Yummly – Carrot Cake (Pesach friendly and healthy to boot!)

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Saving Lives

19 Mar
Super cute first aider.

Super cute first aider. She’ll definitely be useful in an emergency. Her shoes are so shiny.

Things I learned in a First Aid course last week:

1. In an emergency, move the patient onto a hard floor, head first (not legs first, or you won’t catch their head in time!) The floor should not be wet or made of metal.

2. Always ask the patient a question first, to check if they’re responsive! “Chaim, are you ok? Can you hear me?” (our dummy was called Chaim, even though the rest of the world calls her Annie).

3. If unresponsive, check for breathing. Ear to their mouth, hand lightly on their stomach, look at their chest for signs of breathing.

4. If no breath, check for a physical reaction or pain by pinching them on their trapeze muscle i.e. both sides of their neck, above the shoulder.

5. If there’s no reaction and no breath, call an ambulance (101) & put it on speaker next to you on the floor. Now comes the brave part.

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17 Mar

“You thought I was going to sleep with one of you, like I couldn’t help it?”
“It was me. Jess, I couldn’t help it.”