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Song for a Thursday

28 Feb

A Modern Heroine

27 Feb

Recently, this lady Ruth Calderon – became both a member of Knesset as a member of the Yesh Atid party, and a star in my eyes and the eyes of many people (especially women people) that I know. Ruth Calderon is a Talmud scholar who has wonderful ideas and things to say about bringing Judaism back to the people of Israel, taking it back from those who have hijacked it for themselves and for their own means (we’re looking at you, Rabbanut crazy heads.) I am particularly excited to have this person in our government! If you haven’t seen her maiden speech in the Knesset yet, here it is with subtitles, along with a really interesting piece on her in today’s Tablet mag, by Daniella Cheslow.

A True Maverick

Ruth Calderon ( photo credit: Daniella Cheslow)

Ruth Calderon ( photo credit: Daniella Cheslow)

The Breton Stripe

26 Feb


I’ve always been partial to a stripe.  Going by the family albums, my tiny person wardrobe, ages 2-4, consisted mainly of OshKosh cord dungarees and stripey 3/4 length tees, so perhaps something just always seemed familiar about stripey clothing. I own more stripey, long-sleeve tops than a person really should. I just can’t get enough. But nothing beats the classic Breton stripe, the old reliable navy & white combo, simultaneously fun, classic and classy.

Trivia: The original striped breton shirt was the uniform for all French navy seaman in Brittany and featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories… #whoknew



Stripey Zooey


Tres jolie


Stripey Audrey