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Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’….

28 Jan
I want these so badly!!

I want these so badly!!

There are some days which I feel could be greatly improved by a bit of roller skating. Know what I mean?


Before Midnight

24 Jan
Hawke & Delpy, being smashing

Hawke & Delpy, looking smashing

WHAT! Have just discovered a third Julie Delpy-Ethan Hawke movie is coming out in September, a sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I truly love these films, I have re-watched them both countless times and have just always wondered whether I would just always wonder about this couple. Plus, if a director ever knew how to make you fall in love with European cities… oh my. And now there’s another installment, which makes me so happy.  So far, it sounds like good reviews from Sundance and the preview photos are bringing back all the pleasure of those two romantically delightful films. Can’t wait! Best news of the day! x

O the weather outside is frightful…

7 Jan

There is some crazy weather going on outside today, making it the kind of day when you just want to stay inside drinking hot cocoa. But there’s work to get to, and staying on the couch all day isn’t really an option. Plus then your amazing hubbie offers to drive you all the way to work (note:  a 1 hr, 15 min drive!) and get pastries on the way, and it’s your 6th year anniversary of living in Israel so all is really ok and actually, it’s just a bit of rain, and didn’t you wake up to rain in London for 24 years?

singin' in the rain...

singin’ in the rain…

6 years! Happy Mondays! x


Song for a Monday

7 Jan