Lime, Lime, Limey Lime

2 Oct

Deliciousness! (photo from original recipe at

There is a two-week period of time in Israel, usually late August, when all of the immigrants (who have moved here from countries where limes and lime juice are readily available during the year) go absolutely insane for limes.  

Suddenly, on a regular trip to the supermarket, you spot those tiny green limes and light up like it’s been yeeeeeeers since you’ve had one and you’re a regular Margharita drinker so how could you have survived this long without them?! Every post you see on FB during this window of time will be about limes –  limes in the shuk and in the greengrocers,  inventive ways to stock up on lime juice ‘for the winter’, and the mandatory instagram shots of someone’s frozen lime juice ice cube trays. We revel in it, because before you know it there’s not a lime to be found anywhere and you have to wait an entire YEAR for limes to come back!

This is called seasonal eating, folks! Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s why I’ve made these cookies three times in the last month. They are insanely good, but not insanely sweet, have cardamom in (I feel like cardamom doesn’t get a lot of air time) and best of all, I used up all of my limes. 

Chocolate-Dipped Lime Cardamom Cookies f(

All credit to Talya for passing this one on! My tips:

– My limes didn’t zest well, so I used 1 tsp lime extract instead

– 2 cups of wholewheat flour works just as well

– If you lay your warm cookies on kitchen roll towel before refrigerating them, it leaves an awfully pretty pattern in the chocolate once they’re chilled – which I was complimented on more than once. Ha! 

Chag sameach! x


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