1 Sep

Mishpachat Squash

Do you ever feel squashed? I mean, apart from the times your dog/little sister/older brother/husband/girlfriend bundles you and you can’t breathe. I mean by life. By routine and schedules and planning and saving. Squashed, like you’ve wiggled your way into a tunnel of blankets on a cold day and it’s cosy and safe, but then you wonder how you’d ever get out, knowing how cold it is out there. Maybe you’ll just stay here. It’s so nice and warm.

Sometimes it all seems so redundant. It’s nice and cosy in there, but you’re missing out on everything else! Unless you’re one of those snowboarding guys I met in Canada that time, chasing the snow the world-over, you probably also get up and go to work/studies every day, eat lunch around the same time every day, take coffee breaks, check work email from home, but save the ‘fun’ things for the weekend, like spending time with friends and family, and going on adventures.  A fortunate, semi-secure, comfortable but routine existence. Doesn’t it seem strange that this is how the world has been set-up, given that we have such a short time to live? 

This is probably how it’s going to be for a really long time to come. Knowing this is what makes me feel squashed!  We work and work and work to be able to enjoy ourselves once a year on a ‘break’. We ration our vacations and our ‘downtime’, because if we don’t work and save up and make lots of money, how will we do anything? But obviously when we’re so busy working and dedicating 10 hours a day to our jobs, there’s never actually time to do anything.

Just waiting to be taken on an adventure…

What’s the solution? There isn’t one. This is how society has been set up. We have to work, so we can afford to buy food from the supermarket, have a roof over our heads, pay our bills and occasionally do something fun. Of course, there’s always the possibility of packing it all in. Opting for a different kind of existence, learning to live with less. The thing is, it’s nice and warm in here. Maybe I’ll just stay.  


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