Lovely Life List

13 Aug

“…the List is about encouraging yourself to live a little more mightily” – Oprah

It’s a work in progress, this is what I have so far.  Big and small dreams, silly ones and serious ones. There’s no deadline, and no expectation,  but I hope to keep adding to the list and I hope to accomplish at least some of them in my lifetime. 


  • See the Haka performed, in New Zealand
  • Drink Mojitos in Cuba
  • Take a trip to Sderot
  • Row a boat with Dotan on Regents Park lake
  • Stay in a house with a blue door in Santorini
  • Live in another country besides Israel in my adult life
  • Go on a Disney cruise
  • Look for Amelie Poulain in Paris
  • Drive a hover car
  • Drink Mint Juleps in Alabama
  • Go up to Har Habayit
  • Stay in a Hobbit Hotel
  • Take a ‘shmitta’ (7th) year out of life for travel
  • Reunion with my class from Tokyo (ISSH) of 1992
  • Take a 2nd road trip across the USA
  • Honeymoon in the Maldives
  • Coachella 2014
  • Lollapalooza 2013 – Tel Aviv stylee! say whaaaaat!
  • Visit our lovely friends Marjolein & Michael, and the floating flower market, in Amsterdam
  • Float on a gondola in Venice before it sinks
  • Take a food & wine tour of the Galilee
  • Visit Naot Farm of the Negev, where they make their own cheese
  • Take my children to Japan
  • Drive a moped around the Amalfi Coast, a la The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Snowboard in Canada
  • Go bowling in Canada


  • Learn how to moonwalk
  • Become a woman who makes her own jam
  • Learn how the stock market works
  • Buy a stock on my own
  • Play Wing Attack on a Netball team one more time
  • Organise and perform a choreographed dance routine at a friend’s wedding
  • Write and publish a book
  • Take and pass my driving theory and practical tests
  • Bake double the amount of Challah every week, to give to someone who needs it
  • Own land in Israel
  • Dress like Zooey, for a week 
  • Build (i.e. design and have Dotan build) a wicked cool treehouse
  • Dye your hair a bzillion crazy colours. Do it now, before you’re 72 and have no hair left to dye
  • Become intimately reacquainted with the women of Tanach
  • Attend a henna
  • Study and receive a second degree
  • Plant a herb garden
  • Learn how to identify planets and stars
  • Read Anna Karenina
  • Give blood in Israel (currently not allowed to – immigrant from UK)
  • Keep a houseplant alive for at least a year
  • Sleep in an Indian teepee
  • Dance at a good old fashioned American hoedown
  • Take Yiddish classes
  • Spend a year on a farm getting my hands dirty
  • Sponsor a kiddush
  • Learn how to take good photos
  • Learn the trope for Eichah
  • Read all of Chaim Potok
  • Organise a ‘Thon’ event in Israel
  • Have my nose re-pierced
  • Learn American Diner slang


  • Start a new tradition
  • Raise and nurture as many children as you can
  • Then raise and nurture more
  • Spend a quality evening with my niece, Orly, before she hits 16 and turns into an anarchic vampire
  • Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary
  • Find a meaningful way to honour my Bobba and Zeida’s memories
  • Nurture a unique relationship with each of my nephews
  • Go on a Bernstein family reunion holiday
Health and Goodness
  • Do a sponsored-something for charity as a couple
  • Complete a detox programme
  • Lose 40 kilos through healthy eating & exercise
  • Organise regular volunteering for me and Dotan in Pardes Chana
  • Make Yoga a regular part of my day
  • Remove cow’s milk from my diet completely
  • Swim at least once a week, for your mind & body
  • Play a game of serious Tennis
  • Become a Weekday Vegetarian
  • Preach the Green Smoothie gospel to at least 5 other people
  • Learn how to lift hand weights
  • Remove red meat from my diet completely
  • Print, make & frame a collage of wedding photobooth snaps
  • Learn to sew
  • Bake an ombre, four-tiered cake
  • Successfully make Ilana’s flower-shaped challah
  • Wear a dress I have sewed myself
  • Set up a home bar cart
  • Learn how to make cheese
  • Learn sofrut from a soferet
  • Bake every recipe from a Hummingbird Bakery cookbook (excl. those non-kosher ‘ham + everything’ muffins)
  • Make a family tree


4 Responses to “Lovely Life List”

  1. tals August 15, 2012 at 12:57 #

    oh gosh i love love love this list! something to live for beyond 30 – i will have to make one too 🙂 feel free to organize a dance for my wedding…i will pretend to be surprised, i promise. also, i would love to participate in your “thon” – let’s do that soon!

    • danniibee August 15, 2012 at 14:49 #

      You’re on – on all accounts!


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