Gratitude 3.0

6 Aug

watermelon = avatiach / אבטיח = love = watermelon

Things I am grateful for today:

1.  Watermelon – it’s humid like nobody’s business.

2. Whatsapp – enabling my entire family to exchange photos of my newborn niece within hours of her birth, sharing excitement and joy.  Just 64 years ago when my Dad was born,  family abroad would’ve been lucky to have found out about a new baby via airmail, maybe weeks after the birth.  “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” – L.P Hartley.

2. Small Mercies – He might be on miluim (reserve army duty) for 3 weeks, but this morning the hubs gets to drive 3 hrs to a work meeting, stop off and change back into uniform at my office, and drive back again. That’s right, MY office! I will get to see him for about 20 minutes today – yay!!!

3.  Choice – I’m currently reading ‘My Name is Mary Sutter’,  a reminder of the battle so many women fought for the right to be employed in a profession of their own choosing, however bloody or curious.

4. My fuchsia Mini Magimix – oh beautiful kitchen appliance, without you I would have no morning smoothie, or raw brownies. Praise be.

5. My Mum. Until you have observed someone else’s incredibly intense, and terse interaction with their mother do you remember how wonderful your own is. And how far away. It’s not always Happy Days, but she is one in a million, and she’s mine.

Shavua tov x


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