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Vive Le Week-End

30 Aug

Have tartan, will picnic.

Hope your weekend is everything you need it to be! Shabbat shalom,



Diggin’ It

27 Aug

Of course, why not? The world’s largest coffee cup water tower – Stanton, IA. It matches the giant coffee pot tower, just down the road. I’m not kidding!

Satisfies my aesthetic hunger for fifties styling and hair dye. Loving everything about this.

Kevin O’Brien fingerpaint cushion. Could just ask my nephew Adam to rustle one up, methinks!

This quirky lil sugar bowl from Anthropologie caught my eye two years ago. I almost bought it on my last trip to NY, but thought it might break on the trip home. Totally geeked out when I spied it on an episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ recently.

Would you look at the size of them balloons!

Peanut Butter & Jelly bestie rings. Do it.

Pie, Pie, Pie Delilah

23 Aug

Red red raspberry goodness

Thursday afternoon – it’s that glorious time (here in Israel, at least) when a whole weekend of freedom sits before you, untouched.  What are your weekend plans, kids? This evening I’m off to see Cirque du Soleil with my brother which I’m tres excited about! There is also a Mystery Guest joining us. Things are always more enjoyable when there’s an element of surprise. On our last family holiday we saw the Cirque in Vegas, so it’s a nice little reunion for all parties involved. Tomorrow’s plans are to wait in for my gas mask delivery. More on this topic another time as yes, it is scary and also in some way morbidly hilarious.  Ding dong! Gas mask delivery! Not quite as exciting as books, or shoes…

Then I plan on convining Dotan to go fruit and berry picking on a nearby farm, to spend some time outside for a change and so that I can make some lovely pies next week.  In true southern belle fashion, our last Shabbat guest, Talya, brought us a delightful pie (as Americans like to say ‘made from scratch’, although I didn’t realise until recently there was any other kind) encased in a perfect, buttery, flaky pie crust, which was just delicious. I’m thinking of Raspberry, Blueberry and Peach. Mostly Peach. Because of this  and this and also this  yumminess.

My other plan is to hug Dotan a lot, as he’s finally coming home after almost a month away!!

Pies on the windowsill – can you smell them?

Hope you have a sweet and sunny weekend, wherever you are.

Shabbat shalom! x

Blackberries – for the win!

The 70%

22 Aug

‎”Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

I’ve been seeing this quote out in the blogosphere a lot lately.  It’s a quote I particularly relate to.  It makes a nice mantra for the kind of year I’m having. The truth is those Nike advert style “thinspiration” slogans, the ‘Be Your Best’ and ‘Stay Extraordinary’ soundbites are a bit lost on me, really. Lots of people seem to find them very powerful, but perhaps because I am not (yet?) tapped into what it takes to be A Person Who Wants To Exercise, they don’t speak to me.  

Casa&Co. – Etsy

This quote from Mr.Ashe reminds me of something my acupuncturist told me yesterday.  {Note that I say “my acupuncturist” like she is somehow mine or that we’ve been going steady for a while. It was only my first session!} She told me that in a philosophy class she took , the professor discussed how in Western thought we’re all about 100% i.e. giving it all you’ve got and nothing less, encouraging children to be their best etc. which a lot of people do respond to. For many of us though, this ‘100%’ way of thinking only sets us up for disappointment and relapse.  Her professor noted that in Eastern thought, it’s about the 70%.  If you’re seeking alternative therapy for your illness, for example, make it a 70 (alternative)-30 (conventional medicine) balance.  If you plan on changing your lifestyle, try aiming for 70% all-out effort in the areas you want to change, leaving room for tipping off the wagon and the inevitable moments of ‘I just can’t’. 

This makes sense to me.  I’m not good at 100%. My inner rebel kicks off and I end up doing far less than I could have, because 100% seems so far off.  For example, I want to cut out dairy from my diet, completely. At the moment, my best chance at success is aiming for the 70% – cutting out milk and cheese right now. A long-term goal is to go the remaining 30% and take out yoghurts, ice-cream, milk chocolate etc. further down the road.

The idea of 100% is daunting, but 70% I can actually imagine doing. It gives me a realistic handle on what I can achieve.

Just a thought for the day… 

When My Time Comes – Dawes and Mumford and Sons (yes! together!)


16 Aug

You want me to move to California, for myself? Alright. Done.

Happy weekending, folks x