22 Jul

Matis circa 2005

Ahhh “HipsterMatis”, my favourite Matisyahu look from back in the day. It was an evolution from the “ChabadMatis” character I first spied jumping around on stage at PSU.  What? It’s weird to discuss this? Whatevs.


Lo and behold, Matisyahu/Matthew Miller circa 2012.  Bit different, but also a bit boring and normal. He dyed his hair. Who cares.  The chassidic superstar is no more! I’m not very appreciative of the cynical bloggers who are slyly mentioning how the ‘chabad-reggae-superstar shtick’ was a novel launch for his career. Dude, the man’s on a journey. Ain’t no arguing with that. I actually really dig what he says in this interview, I’ve experienced a pretty similar ‘loosening of knots’ myself and feel all the better for it.

Shavua tov from me and Matis. Or Matthew. Whichever one he’s going by now.



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