What I Ate…

13 Jul

There is an insane heat wave moving like syrup through the entire country right now. It’s the kind of day where you need to stay perched under the AC, downing a lot of mint-lemon water and NOT MOVING at all. But as we know, there’s Shabbat to prepare for – so no can do!  Currently in our ‘detox feast’, we are free of sugar and wheat so as an experiment, and because it’s nice to have something sweet-ish for ‘oneg shabbat’, I have made a Pistachio-Orange cake from spelt flour (it got the thumbs-up from D) and something called ‘Raw Cashew Dreamcake’ which we’ll have tonight. It’s been fun, learning how to bake more healthily. Dotan’s best thing about it is that everything’s parev! Here are the things I remembered to take pics of in our detox so far…

The daily fruit salad: kiwi, apple, apricots, mini pears, plums, mishmishim, pineapple, grapes & cherries. And all in season!

Mozarella, basil & tomato bruschetta (on wholewheat bread from last week – I didn’t cheat!)

Tricolour wholewheat tagliatelle at Ben Henkin, Givat Olga

Roquefort salad at Ben Henkin, Givat Olga. This was a giant-sized salad, I didn’t manage to finish it but was so yummy. The mountain top view wasn’t bad either!

The daily breakfast smoothie. This was raspberry-mango, which was a treat, rounded out with almond milk, ground flax seed, a frozen banana & tsp vanilla essence.

Pistachio-Orange spelt cake. No wheat, no sugar and parev to boot.

Shabbat shalom to one and all x


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