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22 Jul

Matis circa 2005

Ahhh “HipsterMatis”, my favourite Matisyahu look from back in the day. It was an evolution from the “ChabadMatis” character I first spied jumping around on stage at PSU.  What? It’s weird to discuss this? Whatevs.


Lo and behold, Matisyahu/Matthew Miller circa 2012.  Bit different, but also a bit boring and normal. He dyed his hair. Who cares.  The chassidic superstar is no more! I’m not very appreciative of the cynical bloggers who are slyly mentioning how the ‘chabad-reggae-superstar shtick’ was a novel launch for his career. Dude, the man’s on a journey. Ain’t no arguing with that. I actually really dig what he says in this interview, I’ve experienced a pretty similar ‘loosening of knots’ myself and feel all the better for it.

Shavua tov from me and Matis. Or Matthew. Whichever one he’s going by now.



What I Ate…

13 Jul

There is an insane heat wave moving like syrup through the entire country right now. It’s the kind of day where you need to stay perched under the AC, downing a lot of mint-lemon water and NOT MOVING at all. But as we know, there’s Shabbat to prepare for – so no can do!  Currently in our ‘detox feast’, we are free of sugar and wheat so as an experiment, and because it’s nice to have something sweet-ish for ‘oneg shabbat’, I have made a Pistachio-Orange cake from spelt flour (it got the thumbs-up from D) and something called ‘Raw Cashew Dreamcake’ which we’ll have tonight. It’s been fun, learning how to bake more healthily. Dotan’s best thing about it is that everything’s parev! Here are the things I remembered to take pics of in our detox so far…

The daily fruit salad: kiwi, apple, apricots, mini pears, plums, mishmishim, pineapple, grapes & cherries. And all in season!

Mozarella, basil & tomato bruschetta (on wholewheat bread from last week – I didn’t cheat!)

Tricolour wholewheat tagliatelle at Ben Henkin, Givat Olga

Roquefort salad at Ben Henkin, Givat Olga. This was a giant-sized salad, I didn’t manage to finish it but was so yummy. The mountain top view wasn’t bad either!

The daily breakfast smoothie. This was raspberry-mango, which was a treat, rounded out with almond milk, ground flax seed, a frozen banana & tsp vanilla essence.

Pistachio-Orange spelt cake. No wheat, no sugar and parev to boot.

Shabbat shalom to one and all x

On Being Alone

12 Jul

Recently, I have had plentiful opportunities to remember what it’s like doing things on my own.  You’d have thought that 27 years alone was enough, but since we got married it seems I have spent even more time on my own! Fear not, we spend plenty of nights in watching Games of Thrones and hitting each other with dishtowels like normal couples. But it’s a different kind of alone time when Dotan goes on work trips abroad.

– Roald Dahl

When I was a single lass, I would contentedly spend lone afternoons shopping or wandering through museums, strolling around different parts of London or Tel Aviv, which would usually end with me happily sitting for hours in a coffee shop reading. Which I can obviously still do. But you live with someone you love for a while, you become an integral part of each others’ daily lives, and all that freeing, enjoyable ‘alone time’ becomes, instead, terribly lonely.

But like Matilda, I do still enjoy my own company. In a strange kind of rebellion which only I was aware of, I didn’t invite friends over for a sleepover, I didn’t invite people for shabbat, and I didn’t call anyone to tell them I was alone. I did double-lock the door every night, checked all the windows neurotically and spoke to myself out loud an awful lot.  On more than one occasion I found myself actually talking to the flat, which is proof that there can be too much alone time.  However, I managed to work on some creative things which I always put off. I cooked. I watched a lot of movies, walked around Pardes Chana in circles and read a lot of books. I learned that I can cope, even if I don’t like it. I learned that I like a schedule and being prepared in advance. I learned that pulling a heavy granny trolley from the supermarket in Israeli summer heat is a stupid idea, even at 6.30pm.  Luckily, it’s only a 12 minute walk to the flat or I would’ve had to lie down on the roadside and just let the cats eat me.

Alone time can give you great perspective, and an opportunity for reflection. Which may lead you to wonder why you got an awfully giant tattoo on your back.

It was a long month, and I’m glad it’s over.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, let me tell you. But saying that, this video made me smile. It’s good to know how to spend time alone. Just don’t get go getting too used to it.

Things Organised Neatly

11 Jul

When I’m having a hectic day, I turn to one of my favourite tumblrs for a direct, hypodermic hit of calm.  I tend to linger on the OCD side of the river, but c’mon, these are also so pretty. And precisely aligned. Ah, tranquility…

I know, I shouldn’t be looking at sugary desserts. If my eyes are consuming them on my stomach’s behalf, it’s totally legit.

Cucumber sandwiches – a slice of the British soul, dissected.

Camping in the 70’s required so many tiny things…


Christmas come early!

Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and… No. Staying absolutely still, in perfect formation.

Breathe in, breathe out…


10 Jul


Things I am grateful for today:

1. Friends in far off places that make a huge effort to keep in touch.

2. ‘Merino cool’ by Essie. My nails would be nothing without you!

3.  Morning hugs from my hubs. It’s been a while.

4. My Fuji Instax.