Summer Lovin’

13 Jun

Savour this moment, when it’s just the beginning.

Walks on Caesarea beach after work, shabbat lunchtime picnics in the park, evenings spent with the balcony door wide open, because there’s still a breeze that wafts in.

I’m not a great summer person. I want to love it, I do, but the heat makes me uncomfortable.  I’m white as a lily, I don’t have a “bikini ready body” and mosquitoes eat me alive all summer along. When you have to leave extra time in the morning to apply sunscreen, mosquito spray and baby powder in places that baby powder probably shouldn’t need to go – summer just becomes less fun.  But before the humidity sets in and I spend 5 months under a constant, freezing blast of AC (train, shuttle, office, house), I am finding a moment and appreciating the longest season in Israel – summer. Ice coffee isn’t boring yet. That perfect summer afternoon sunlight still fills me with calm.  Savour this moment, when summer is pleasant, and colourful, kind and inviting.

Here are the ways I like to experience summer…

Colour: flowers that look good enough to eat…

Refreshing treats: watermelon lollies…slurp

Summer outfits

Lemons: Everything you can do with lemons makes summer better! Zest, squeeze, chop up & freeze for ice cubes…

Drinks: Love me some alcoholic fruit drinks. Bring on the rum punch!

If I glowed golden in summer like Kate Hudson, I’d probably like it a little more…



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