11 Jun

I shall sincerely try to keep you alive for more than a year. The box of seeds were a wedding present from creative friends!

Our newly minted (chuckle) herb garden, starring: Rosemary, Thyme, Verbana (Louisa) and little Violet who acknowledges that she isn’t a herb, but would still very much like to be mentioned.

We call this 'Toadstool with Lavender on Tree Trunk'.

Toadstool corner, featuring Lavender and a quarter of a reclaimed tree trunk

Our nana (mint) is guarded closely by Mr.OrangeSnail, made by hand by Dotan’s friend Rafi (z”l).

As you can see, we’ve recently been trying to fix up our little balcony in preparation for the long summer ahead.  Until a couple of months ago, we had great, fake grass covering the floor which looked awesome and helped us pretend we had ‘garden space’ attached to our flat. That was until a group of local pigeons (or as I affectionately call them, Moronic Nutcases) went mental and pooped all over it, then tried to build 15,000 nests and even laid eggs on it.

They would lay them during the day when we were at work, so we kept coming home to find more ‘presents’ left for us. Poor D had to do ‘shiluach haken‘ so many times we realised the grass just had to go.  We hung up a string of CD’s to reflect the sun, which is supposed to keep those nutty birds away. So far it has worked, and we’ve learned that you can’t give leave any cosy corners open –  they’ll start building their nests and hatching eggs before you’ve blinked. The pigeons still occasionally visit, so my next trick is spices – apparently they hate the smell, so I’ll be sprinkling paprika and chilli around to see if it makes a difference.

In the meantime, drinking tea with fresh mint and verbana from our herb garden is exceedingly satisfying. Next up – our reclaimed bar cart has been washed and sanded down by the handyman hubbie, now it needs painting. Ideas for colours?

Fix me up, buttercup


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