1 Jun
Happy June! One of the things I’m working on at the moment is my ‘life list’, inspired by this and also this Sometimes, it’s the smallest realisation that can free you. In my case, I realised that it’s ok to say your dreams out loud. Or, you know, blog about them. Also, I just really love making LISTS. Here are my goals for the month of June! 
  1. Try 10 crunches/day, on yoga mat, with Dotan. Start small 🙂
  2. Breakfast smoothies – I’ve got the mixer, fruit & yoghurts. I just need to find 10 magical extra minutes in the morning. 
  3. Start a ‘gratitude journal’. Inspired by Tals, it might (or, definitely will) help me to be more positive and start appreciating what I do have.
  4. Bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 work days per week. Not only healthier to eat homemade food, it’s a money saver and way more environmentally friendly (Israel – you’re obsessed with packaging. Stop it!).  Also, I could bring it in this.
  5. Find money from the budget for a pedicure:  Summer is here.
  6. Assimilate volunteering locally into your weekly schedule – start with once every two weeks, see how it goes.

For my ‘life list’, I’m picking up some goals which I didn’t accomplish in Thirty before 30 and giving them a re-try. Hope to feature it soon on here.

Happy weekend and month ahead to all!



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