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28 Jun



This week…

25 Jun

This week: I will try harder not to be a wallflower.  Time to stop blending in, time to make a difference.

This week, apart from all the silly, inane things I’m usually doing, as well as entertaining a friend visiting from England and waving D off on another trip abroad, I will actually be thinking of practical ways to help the families, elderly people, young couples, students and children living in the south of Israel who are under rocket attack.

Rockets are being launched into civilian communities in the south, with Hamas firing over 150 rockets just in the past week, claiming that these farming communities are ‘military targets’.  The rockets intercepted yesterday by the Iron Dome were aimed at Ashkelon – a city of 200,000 people.

We have to find a way to help.

The people under attack are innocent civilians, who just want to get on with their daily lives and not have to live in fear of the next siren, people who have done nothing wrong but have been abandoned by their government and forgotten about by all of us living outside of the ‘danger zone’.

The saddest thing I have read this week is that many elderly, frail people are so afraid of not being able to get to the bomb shelters when the sirens go off, that they just stay put.

D, who lived in Sderot for a year in a show of solidarity with our fellow Israelis, says that just going down there and doing normal things like going to the cinema is what helps people feel that they are not forgotten, and not forsaken.  He says not to bring them cupcakes.  What do you think? Do you have any good ideas of how we can help?

Wishing for a peaceful week for the communities of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod and all of our family in the south.


Happy Birthday!

24 Jun

Happy birthday to my older brother Saadia who turns 40 today – yes, 40 years old!!  He’s not on Facebook, or Twitter (because he’s 40), or anywhere he might see this really but here’s a bonny pic of him, aged 1, from ye olde family photo albums! Mazal tov!

Bouncing baby

Tuesday Tune

19 Jun

♥ Dixie

18 Jun

Really, can you?

Confession: While battling with a stomach bug this weekend and trying not to feel too on-my-lonesome while D is in London, I watched an ENTIRE tv series. Yep, all 22 episodes. 22. I feel like a Hart of Dixie junkie. It’s over, and I’m still reading about it online. I’m finding myself identifying with other online fans who are evidently just as unstable/embarassed about their love for this show as I am. Thank the good Lord it’s been picked up for a second season!

Truth: I was hesitant to continue watching when I saw that shit-scary Blake off The Good Wife was in it, but as his baseball bat has yet to make an appearance I think we’re ok. Also because he plays the most boring, cardboard character on earth – George. Does nobody remember Dawson’s Creek? Why, it’s the Pacey Witter Theorem all over again.  For the record, in case it doesn’t become clear from my rambling henceforth, I am #TeamWade all the way. If we’re doing teams. Maybe that ended with Twilight. I don’t know, I’m 30.

Details: The town of Bluebell, Alabama and all its’ quirky characters could easily be mistaken for a southern situated Gilmore Girls which, as we know, I also obsessed over for many a year until the inevitable decline into pure hatred of their screechy, fast-paced, far-too-witty banter.

Lemon Breeland in one of her moods and one of her hats

Similarities:  Small, close-knit town brimming with quirky characters, love triangles/ quadrangles a go-go, and witty banter to boot.  Those writers sure know how to reel a girl in. Not for me The Wire or 24, oh no. Didn’t go to university to study Literature for four years, uh uh. I’d obviously much rather sit around waiting to see who kisses who. Yeah. Ridonk.  But, sadly, rather true. Even the comedy that is New Girl had me biting my nails down RE possible Nick possibilities. Ugh. Am going to have to balance out my week by watching a lot of Question Time and dusting off my Keates Anthology.

Zoe + Wade

The thing is:  …there’s just something so wonderful about unspoken, unrequited passion on TV. In books, it brings me to tears. But the visual makes it almost palpable and therefore within reach. In this case, it’s tension. So much good, Zoe & Wade sexual tension. And the writers just keep it going, they keep you hanging, for an entire season. That’s a lot of lingering looks and flirty banter. For all I could tell, what exists between Zoe & boring George is a shared love of Woody Allen films and NY nostalgia. It’s not a lot to go on, but he’s into it enough to imagine dumping his entire future for her.

But then: there’s Wade, beautiful, glistening Wade, who so easily could’ve been the stereotypical, lascivious town barman character with his lingering looks and shirtless goodness.  My mind is still replaying a shirtless Wilson Bethel over and over and over like some crazed tumblr image, all while I’m trying to work and you know, exist in the real word. I know, I’m 30. But let me just say, before he makes it big and this turns into another Matt Damon situation, Bethel’s a remarkably good actor.

Sidenote: You know usually, I like the dark ones. That gorgeous, dark-haired vampire off of Being Human, Jon Snow in GOT,  Pacey Witter, Mr. Big, Jess Mariano, Puckerman, The Karate Kid (orig). There’s a pattern here. But then there was Sam aka Trouty Mouth and now there’s this Wade. Oh my. Is it to do with being 30? Have my anti-ageing inclinations taken a rapid turn for the young, muscley, blonde LA types?

Also: In general, I’m quite taken with The South and the whole Dixie thing.  It’s the dirty, nasty history contrasted with the “southern hospitality” talk. It’s the accents and New Orleans, the music, and the Confederate flags. Can’t wait to road-trip it and experience some of that hospitality for myself.

Conclusion: I’m enamoured with this sweet little show. Beyond the totty, there was a lot to like.  Yes, there were times I was yelling at the screen (“you selfish woman! He’s ENGAGED!”) but Lemon’s outfits, the fact that she’s called Lemon, some wonderful acting, Rachel Bilson’s teeny weenyness, Cress William’s smile, Planksgiving, Wade’s everything, the revival of the Mint Julep and some good ole, butterfly-in-the-stomach, squeal-into-a-cushion moments – it’s all there.  Enjoy.

{This gal here says all I would want to say and more about Hart of Dixie in a much clearer-headed fashion. She seems to be a couple of weeks past the hotness of the final episode and can therefore think straight.}

*Spoiler alert*