Things I Am Afraid To Tell You

30 May

Bandwagon ——–> me.  There’s this semi-bizarre craze that has spread over the bloggy world, where all these women (it’s always women) have decided to open their hearts and souls on their blogs and share in The Things I Am Afraid To Tell You. Most of them have blogs with actual content (unlike this here party) e.g. design/food/DIY/technology/politics/fashion etc. so it is kind of cool to have a bit of ‘behind the curtain’ peek at who’s really running the show.

My blog is just about me. I think I’ve probably said these things out loud, making it not much of a reveal. But I’m going for it anyway, because I likes a good craze.

1. I don’t understand the stock exchange.  The Nasdaq, FTSE (footsie?), stock prices, market prices – this is babble to me.

2.  Despite wanting to write a novel so badly it makes my teeth hurt, the fear of failure and/or mediocrity is so overpowering I can’t even sit down to brainstorm. I think of all the wonderful, beautifully worded books I have ever read and I am petrified.

3. When I was about 7, I stole a packet of mini Mentos from the corner shop. I have no idea why I didn’t just ask mum to get them for me.

4.  I am constantly fearful. When I see a child wander too close to a train platform edge, or held too loosely by the railings of the women’s level at shul, I imagine them falling. My mind conjures the worst, possible consequence. I worry (i.e. am certain) that this will make me a paranoid, suffocating mother one day.

Phewwwww. That’s out.


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