13 May

Jan & Feb – D&D mostly chilled, watching a lot of Big Bang Theory (oh Leonard, be mine!), Parks & Rec (if you don’t watch it already…start TODAY) and successfully put off all thoughts of Pesach planning. Also started regular Yoga sessions with my teeny tiny instructor Becky. Or as I like to call her, Matchstick Woman. 

March – The month Dotan spent flying around Eastern Europe, and I got to see him for exactly four days over Purim. It wasn’t the best, but on the other hand Purim this year was awesomesauce! Since leaving Jerusalem, I’ve sometimes felt like Purim can be a bit of a letdown but this year we zoomed around the country, celebrating the funnest chag! (A fun megilla reading at our shul in PC, Dotan dressing up as a blonde cowboy, a great mixed reading at friends in Tel Aviv (with voices! yay!) a yummy BBQ seudah with friends in Maaleh Adumim, topped off by a cousin’s wedding in Bet She’an – cue three DJS, blaring techno/mizarachi mash-ups and the transformation of your evening into a sound&light show that will leave your ears ringing for days).  Then we slept. 

Movie Night themed Mishloach Manot!




Remember that time I got 7 grown women to dress up as cocktails for Purim?

April – The month I started a new thyroid drug, Euthyrox. So far, so good. Also there was:

Pesach – the parents & siblings [minus Ilana & co. – boo] came to stay. Twas all fun and not stressful as expected. Dotan and I made our first, very own seder at home! Result! We ended the chag staying with my parents in Caesarea by the sea, which I pretended was our weekend “mini-break”, despite the fact that we live 10 minutes down the road.

Our very own Pesach Seder table. Cross that off your life list, biatch.

Gids – my little brother made his Aliyah to Israel in April! After very little planning and lots of ‘Mum, it’ll all be ok’, he stepped off the plane his usual chilled self, and has pretty much stayed that way despite all the balaganations of moving here. Whereas I spent my first month mostly crying in a freezing dorm room in Jerusalem, he’s spent it mostly on the beach and in Tel Aviv’s finest bars. You can see why one klita might be easier than the other.

May – The month of celebrations! Dotan turned 36 – huzzah! Oriyah just got engaged to Aharon – woot woot, big mazals! It was Jo’s 30th birthday, Melissa just had a baby boy and later in the month our 2nd wedding anniversary is swinging on by. Joyous!  

Welcome home!

That’s it for now, will be back soon with the yummiest breakfast muffin recipes this side of Syria.



One Response to “Ketchup”

  1. Katie May 14, 2012 at 13:46 #

    Yay, you’re back! Breakfast muffin recipe please. how is yoga going, v impressed!

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