The Love Puzzle

18 Jan

So, I spied this on Etsy t’other day, and I wondered who I could get it for?

Then my ears started twitching violently and I had to hear this immediately Janis Joplin – Take Another Little Piece of My Heart which spun me into a googling frenzy, searching for Love Puzzles. Naturally.

It also made me start to think a bit about love and jigsaws, all those metaphors we use: the games we play with others, making a move, finding your other half, you matching ‘piece’.

Love, tis a puzzle. Does everyone have a jigsaw piece? A curly-headed gal I sat next to for 2 years in school (she shall remain nameless. She could also easily read this one day soon. Hi Sara…) had 2 puzzle pieces that slotted together so perfectly – one with her initial on, and the other with the initial of the guy she was in love with. Of course, at this point this was unrequited love (I think they actually went on to have a somewhat elongated and dramatic relationship when they were older, but it didn’t work out). I remember her explaining her fervent belief that everyone has their ‘puzzle piece’. Conveniently she had their initials stuck together in tangible cardboard form, in the shape of actual puzzle pieces, to back up her Seriously Thought Out theory.

But, like a Sunday Times crossword puzzle, love is complicated. Back in the school days, miniature versions of ourselves really did believe in puzzle piece theory. I don’t know that I love the jigsaw analogy anymore. I used to try and cheat at puzzles (…and at Rummikub, Monopoly & The Game of Life) by smushing pieces together when they obviously didn’t fit.  I don’t think I cared about the picture my brother and I were creating, I just wanted all those goddamned pieces to fit together so we could revel in the final product.

In grown-up-bill-paying-beer-swilling life, it’s not that people are ‘not supposed to’ fit or they’re ‘not meant to be’, they just sometimes have to work a little harder at fitting into each others’ spaces. I like those couples. I know lots of those couples, and I like their smushed up edges and their compromises, their squishy love sofas where they have made room for each other. I admire it. Is it settling for something less than the perfectly fitting puzzle piece? Hmm. Well, what if that piece got lost? Or put into another puzzle box by mistake, or eaten by a ravenous mouse? And by that, I mean snatched up a man-eating ho?

Luckily, no matter how puzzled (ha!) we are by our topsy-turvy lives, there’s always an Irish boyband available to sing a pertinent ditty on the topic at hand. Unfrown those lines on your forehead, Westlife are equally as puzzled as we are as to why they ever made music.

Puzzle of My Heart


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