She’s crafty, that one.

22 Dec

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DIY! Seriously! Really, search me and my skirt pockets, I have no idea where the desire to DIY everything came from. There’s this strange need, which honestly never existed before, to fill our home with things made with my own hands, and my hubbie’s hands (he’s winning by a mile), to paint and bake and sew and glue and mod podge and all these other things I used to like other people doing for me.  Yes, it’s awfully fun to go on Etsy and admire other people’s handywork and then buy it.  Having super creative friends make this stuff for you is also extremely wonderful (wink and a headnod to Oreo, Lia & Jojo for super fantastic creations still talked about in our household ) but, no longer! Now I want to do it myself.

When my lovely parents asked what I wanted for my 30th birthday, I willed myself to say “a fancy drinks cart, circa 1936, with a bottle of Jack thrown in”, but what came out was “a sewing machine please”, which thrilled my (artistic and creative) mother no end. Now I find myself browsing sites for Japanese cotton, fun fabric, washi tape and tutorials on sewing. Who knew?

For as long as it lasts, I’m embracing this new urge to ‘do’ and am following up on all my open-ended projects, and addding these new ones:

Tinting Mason Jarsperfect little vases, growing plants on balcony & household knicknack holders.

Mistletoe Balls –  The Martha does it again with these little guys. I want to make tens of these, string them up all over town while munching on candy canes to celebrate the season… then I remember I live in Israel, and it might not be appreciated. Just around my workspace then 🙂

Harry Potter ButterBeer Cupcakes –  Life feels just a little bit emptier without the anticipation of another HP book or film in the works. The first time I pictured those pasty Hogwarts kids sipping on Butterbeer at The Hog’s Head pub I really wanted to taste it, and while these contain no beer at all, I feel like they will be equally as delicious and were happily created in the true spirit of HP geekdom.


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