21 Dec

Photography credit:

Along this bumpy road to adulthood (which in my mind eventually leads to a place called ‘parenthood’ where people need to know a little bit about everything so that they can answer questions from small and inquisitive people) am learning bits and bobs about stuff from people along the way.  It’s wunderbar to chat to people who have an ‘expertise’, or read blogs by people pursuing their dreams. I have no such thing (expertise, maybe some dreams) but I think lots of us like to quiz people about their ‘thing’ and learn a nugget or two. I tend to become obsessed with the nuggets (sometimes, dare I say, even a snippet) until it’s displaced by a new interest.  

At the moment, my favourite nugget is bokeh. I know little to nothing about photography, but a friend recently introduced me to the technique. You can read its definition here, and because I don’t have the foggiest about apertures or lenses, let’s just say… it’s cool. And pretty. Oh, so pretty.  I also like that in older photography, a blur would’ve been a bad thing, and today there’s bokeh – which finds beauty in the quality of the blur. I like that.

There’s something about photos of European cities – caught in all their rainy greyness –  which use bokeh to pick up on streetlamps, or bus headlights, that makes me feel awfully nostalgic.

Photography credits:  i.anton flickr stream; Shelley Bucher; Pinterest.


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