Festive Fun

15 Dec

A select group of awesome people in my office know that the month leading up to Chanukah and Christmas is dominated by what I like to call The Schedule Of Fun. Much to the bemusement of everyone else in our office, each week there’s a seasonal theme and project to brighten what is usually a dull Thursday with tinselly cheer and giggles! So far, the Christmas spirit has been burning brightly with a Gingerbread House deco party (mad props to Sara for creating our Gingerbread Shack – we’ve got high hopes for next year’s creation!), Mini Tree decorating courtesy of Laura S, and gift wrapping presents for newborn babies from underprivileged families (accompanied by hot chocolate, of course) – pinning the fun together with a reminder that it is, after all, both the season of giving, and the season to be jolly.

Who doesn’t love festive frolics? A few of the grumpy folks in our office, apparently! This little tree caused nearly as much outrage as Matisyahu shaving off his beard. Grinches. It’s been lots of girly festive fun and a chance to get to know some of the chicklets at work better. Am loving it!   Next up is my fave of all Jewy festivals: Chanukah… bring on the doughnuts, Mystery Maccabee gift swap and ‘Happy Hannukah, Monica’ week! x


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