Things I Love About Winter….

29 Nov

Spicy chai lattes, mince pies, warm scarves that go round & round & round your neck, elves, stripey gloves, ice skating, log fires, well-choreographed GAP christmas commercials,  hot chocolate, candycane deco, tinsel, ‘special latkes’, thick tights, Boxing Day sales, sufganiyot, no-licking-your-lips dougnut competitions, children in coats that make them look like tiny marshmallows, mulled wine, snowmen with raisins for eyes, woolly hats in every colour, The Maccabeats chanukah song, pompoms, christmas TV, flannel PJ’s, flannel sheets, ‘O Holy Night’, boots that are slippers that are boots, peppermint cupcakes, gingerbread houses/ lattes/ cupcakes/ men, fields of untouched snow, old christmas tunes, giant Chabad menorahs in random locations, warming cold fingers on a hot mug, remembering that time we went to the Matzoball… 


2 Responses to “Things I Love About Winter….”


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