Monday Mooch

28 Nov

Monday, bloody Monday! Yes, I know my week officially begins on Sunday but there’s something nice about the lull of a quiet Sunday in the office – nobody else in the rest of the world is officially working, half of the attorneys here don’t bother to show up – er, work from home, on Sundays, and it’s a nice little catch-up day for me. To get me through today, there’s music & munchies, which I’m sharing with you… because I’m generous like that. Enjoy 

Monday Music: These are some seriously talented gals!! Am loving their ‘Cold Water’ album today! Lulu and the Lampshades – You’re Gonna Miss Me.

Monday Munchies:  

Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Photo & Recipe from: Closet Cooking

That is one giant, melty sandwich.

Garlic Knots, Photo & Recipe from: Real Mom Kitchen

Cannot claimed to have tried these yet as I’m still waiting to hear from les Americanos what exactly ‘refrigerated buttermilk biscuits’ are. Once I have this elusive information, you can be sure I’ll be passing it along, as these look DELISH.

Happy Mondays, like the band.



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