Housewi- ? Who?

27 Nov

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~ Erma Bombeck

Photo credit – Pop Art UK

You know what’s really good? Aspirations.  You know what’s really weird? When you realise that some of your aspirations are peculiarly –  and particularly – domestic. For example: 1) For the apartment to be sparklingly clean and tidy/organised; 2) For the freezer to be stocked with pre-prepared homemade food;  3) For there to always be a supply fresh and delicious ingredients around to cook with. 

You know what’s really frustrating? Working full-time and not having enough energy for these things, and worse – feeling that I am letting myself down by not doing them. Gah. 

Full disclosure: I don’t cook a hearty meal every single night, sometimes we get down to a tomato, a lemon and half a bottle of maple syrup and I shudder thinking of what the women with organised weekly shopping lists and packed freezers would have to say to me.  If I get 2 loads of laundry done during an ‘evening in’ and the basket is empty when I’m finished, I feel pathetically triumphant!

Admittedly, I have toyed with the idea of employing a cleaner, but it doesn’t sit right with me. We have a 3 room apartment, there’s only 2 of us, and I would be terribly embarassed to hire another human being to carry out something I am perfectly capable of doing myself.  

Like it or not, I still consider being houseproud a positive trait.  Houseproud, but not house-obsessed. My mother takes this concept to a wholly different place [at one point the house risked becoming a museum, then happily the grandkids arrived and wreaked havoc upon any of  those plans] but still, I appreciate Mum’s thought process: that our homes are often an extension of ourselves, not just a place where we sleep and shower, but our sanctuary and the place we welcome others into, hoping they will feel comfortable, embraced and – crucially – ‘at home’.  

As an educated, fairly wordly gal who votes, works, reads, tweets and exercises all the other human, civil and equal rights afforded to her, I can still acknowledge the part of me that wants to be the perfect homemaker.

Of course the crux of this issue is that I even feel the need to ‘housekeep’ and fret over it, while the huzzie could happily ignore any cleaning/ tidying/laundry responsibilities for weeks at a time.  

Most of the time I can ignore the floors that need to be swept yet again [seriously, who ever thought shiny white tiles were a good material for floors?!], but oh the socialisation – how did this even end up being one of my most prominent concerns! 

My brain often has this little debate with itself:  ‘Dude, you work full-time, you contribute, you provide one salary of a double-income household, you spend time with your hubs & you make time for your friends, you do cook occasionally and for shabbat. You even make your own challah.  You’re fretting about this? Chillax!”, then the other part chimes in with:  “Aren’t you ashamed that you can’t remember when you last washed the floors? That drawer of tupperware still needs tidying, you can’t make soup if you don’t have any onions or er, actually any vegetables and the guest room still has boxes in it that were supposed to go to the charity shop weeks ago! Call yourself a homemaker?! Do you punk, do you?!”


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